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Sunday, June 11, 2006

Miss me?

OK, show of e-hands, Who loved yesterday's guest presentation at the RI spin guild meeting? ME,ME (jumping up and down waving wildly!)! May I suggest a road trip to URI to see what we might see? Hats off to Renay for putting a wonderful meeting together. Great idea. One of my favorites was the twined weaving pics. That is a must try.
For those of you not in attendance, Dr. Margaret Ordonez from the University of Rhode Island was out guest speaker. Dr. Ordonez manages the Textile Conservation Laboratory and the Textile Gallery at URI. Her computer presentation showed magnifications (some up to 600x) of some of the textiles she has worked to identify fibers in. They were fascinating. We were also treated to a feel of some of the samples, just incredible.
On to commerce; I got a small shipment of beautiful drop spindles in from CO. They are from the people who made my red glass top whorl that many of you have admired. I couldn't be more pleased. Whorls include green glass, picture jasper and more. I also got some solid color romney in dark green, med. blue, bright gold, cran red, and purple. Great for blending, felting, or spinning as is.
Also, Congratulations to Carrie Mac and MR. Carrie Mac on the birth of their new grandson! And, hello to our Canadian voyeur. I need an address to mail your felting fiber and needles out.
Hope to see many of you on Tuesday. su


  • At 8:22 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    please email mrsriley72atyahoodotcom. A friend and I are interested in learning to spin, and we cannot find anyone to call or contact! I thought there was a pace on Hope St, but cannot find it in a google search. Thank you.


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