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Thursday, April 13, 2006

fleece and friends

Tuesday was a quiet and soothing evening at Rhode Island Handspun. Barbara, Cindy, and I got some knitting done while enjoying each other's company. We spoke of sheep and wool and the local availability of beautiful fleeces. Fooled around with a bit of dyeing as well.
Just an aside, is it fleeces or fleece for the plural? I know I can JFGI, but I like to hear everyone's opinion, so.....
Did anyone notice one of our own pictured in the new Spin-Off? Right there on page 26! Also, congratulations to David at the Merlin Tree. His wheels are just lovely and I'm glad to see him being recognized for his talents.
In closing, let me remind you all that you can access some wonderful wool through Barbara at Seldom Seen Farm. The babies are out at both farms and some shearing is already done. su


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