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Thursday, February 16, 2006

Darn groundhog...

I'm sooo glad we have wool. I'm not even cold normally and I need my sweaters. Thankfully, Tuesday knit ins have inspired even more wool projects. Cindy is making THE most gorgeous hat from Grumperinas directions. It's beaded and the design swirls around the head in a lovely pattern. She is also working 0n a sweater and a secret so I dare not elaborate. We were also treated to pictures of Paula's latest aran. She overdyed to a perfecct rust-ish color, a great silk and wool blend in a small grist yarn. I wish I were more talanted in the computer department, because I would link you to her site. I has given me hope that I can make and wear a lighter weight aran without losing the detail that makes it so nice. We have missed Judy, Patty, and Carol R and hope all is well in their worlds. Oh, I also got the replacement Bryspun circs in, so if you have had problems in the past, please note that we now have only the new ones in which the join problem has been fixed. As always, I will replace any problem needles immediately for you , no questions asked. Get ready for a new round of top notch fleecees too, our local farms are welcoming new lambs daily! Best to all and please stop in when you can. su


  • At 12:01 PM, Blogger cindy said…

    Hi Sue....glad you are back in the blog world. I would be glad to show you how to create links. Did you check out my hat at

  • At 1:38 PM, Blogger mad angel said… entry!!!! Yippee yahoo!!!!! Now I need to get back on track myself!




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