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Saturday, November 26, 2005

Did you give thanks?

Did anyone use the holiday to actually give thanks this year? I neglected to do so until the day after. My main source for gratitude? People, hands down! My family as well as my fiber and cyber friends, that's what makes my world go round. Our post holiday spin-in was needed by all and proved to be entirely enjoyable. Seeing all my knitting and spinning friends and the beauty they bring to being puts me right back in the groove.
I was delighted to have two people here with their second generation knitters and spinners! Bodes well for the future of our craft, no?
What are you most greatful for this year? Let's hear it. Maybe like Ralph, you're thrilled with your finny new friends. Perhaps, like several of us, you are blessed with a new addition to your family. Having trouble finding a bright spot this year? Drop by and we'll help you get one. Honest. su

Friday, November 04, 2005

Oh, Yeah, my blog.....

My goodness, 2 months? That's a record space-out even for me. So many knit-ins and a couple of spin-ins have gone by as well as some fairs and shop hops. One family loses a child, one new baby is born to our circle, one bride and groom to-be get nearer to their special date. Life to the fullest! Know that your joys and sorrows are ours. Even those who suffer in private are not alone.

Since last we "spoke" I have done some lace knitting (even more lace tinking) and am grateful to Judy, Cindy, Carol R, and Patty for their inspiration. Have also caught the aran bug from Paula and Carrie Mac, though only in my mind as of yet. I'm nearly done with the branching out scarf and like it quite a bit. I have started the frost flowers and leaves shawl as a knit along but have only a dozen or so rounds done.(thanks Carol R for showing me the perfect way to start it) I just finished a knee sock for my granddaughter only to find that I won't have enough of that yarn for the second. Oh pooh, we could have had matching socks!

I have finished my charity knitting for this season. With the help of Chris Sayles of Sweet Briar Studio and her mother Shirley Carr, as well as an anonymous donor who paid for shipping, we sent out 12 Christmas stockings to Navajo children. The stockings are all handmade and include hand knit hats for eight children as well as an assortment of age appropriate toys and goodies for them. We also sent 4 stockings for elders, 2 men and 2 women. We plan to start right away on next year's stockings, so if anyone is interested in joining us, please get in touch. We hope to adopt an entire classroom next year. I also sent 3 what's in my pocket vests, designed by Claudia Krisniski, to the pine Ridge Reservation. I have the pattern for these adorable vests for anyone who would like to knit them for us and I have plenty of Beanie Babies for the pockets. The toys were donated by Patty from Furry Friends pet grooming.
I have also been collecting 8 inch squares for blankets. Shirley Carr has graciously volunteered to sew them together for me, THANK YOU SHIRLEY! These will go to women and children in shelters and to men who are veterans. Thank you one and all. su