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Friday, August 19, 2005

Of all the things I've lost.............

Slacking is taking over my life! Instead of office work today, I sit challenging my self to make origami cranes without looking at the directions. When I should be house cleaning, I'm petting my fiber projects and wondering how many more will make the floors cave in. And I can't even say I think it's bad! I love my stuff. I do agonize, however, over the state of my inner self as it is reflected in the habitat I have created around it. If it is truly a reflection, then I am in serious trouble here. I notice 16 days have glided by between posts and I thought perhaps a week.......
I have seen Cindy at least TWICE since her birthday... HAPPY BIRTHDAY CINDY... And have not remembered to give to her the bag of goodies I have collected. I'm going to blame it on the heat, and if you know different, please don't tell me. While I am happy to see that I am still the same child who lived to "make stuff" I can't help but wish her mother would come along to balance her out with a little structure and discipline. Just this week I have attended one class that was cancelled (didn't see THAT message), awakened from a sound sleep to be reminded of a Dr. appt. I would have missed, and managed to miss 2 gigs with friends to do fiber stuff.(sighs loudly and fondles some wool, alpaca blend)

On the other hand, I have started a wool quilt project, finished one hat for my Navajo stockings and started another, gotten a lesson plan together for my toe up- short row- sock class, and done a bit of spindle spinning as well as reading 3 books. Loved the Strange Incident of the Dog in the Night and the Dean Koontz Frankenstein 2nd book. Now if I could only remember what the 3rd book I read was............

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Foster Old Home Days Winners 2005

The following are the blue ribbon winners from the Foster Old Home Days Fiber Arts competition.
ADULT: Best of Show Paulette Galyas. Blue ribbons also went to Carol McElroy 7, Cindy DiDonato 3, Barbara
Thompson 2, Sharon Coleman 1, Christine Sederback 1, John Blauvelt 1, Debra Betchy 1, Cindy Schoefield 2, and
Maria Procopio 1. Many thanks to all who participated to make this an exciting event.

YOUTH: Best of Show Amanda Betchy. Other blue ribbon winners were Katie Fantasia, Elizabeth Procopio,
Amanda Betchy was also the winner of the MARYANNE SARTINI Youth Excellence Award of $25.
Thanks to all in our talented youth group and a reminder that the event is open to all and we welcome your entries next year.

SPINNING BEE: This year’s winner was Katie Fantasia
Congratulations to one and all on a job well done.

Respectfully submitted by Sue DiNola at Rhode Island Handspun Yarns.