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Thursday, July 28, 2005

Foster old home days

Hi all. It's that time of year again. Foster Old Home Days is on for this weekend. I'm there aft . 4 on Friday to take entries and you can drop some off before 10 Saturday.I hope many of you can come out and support our efforts to keep spinning, knitting, weaving and all of the heritage arts alive. Our youth group grows each year and it's because of the interest and time of each of you. If I can get enough of you together at the same time, we will have a spinning bee and I would like to do a bunny to bootie demo if possible.
I'm also reminding everyone that I'm working on my Navajo Christmas stocking projects now. They need to arrive there by November 1. I plan to make 6 stockings and fill them with hand knit hats, scarves, mittens as well as candy, toys and games. I'll take any assistance you can offer. I'll give you the knit patterns, yarn if you need it, or you can donate from the toy list. These aren't just for kids either, there is an elder program also.
OK, enough begging (for the moment). The new Opal Rain Forrest yarn is in. I have Tiger, Owl, Flaming, Chameleon, and Fish and the Circular Solution storage items have arrived. You can also feast your envious eyes on my HitchHiker next week! I hope to pick it up Friday.
hope to see you at Foster this weekend, su

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

New Stuff

Busy,busy me! I'm unpacking a new shipment of Bryson Circulars and the desk top needle threaders from Clover. These are must haves!!! Also in are the short dpns in #2 and #3 for socks. Still waiting for the Rain Forest yarns from Opal and the Circular Solution needle holders should be here soon. Paula seemed to find the Brysons perfect for her lace knitting as did Cindy who is making the shapely shawlette.
The magnetic boards are in with the ruler and strips included and I'm hoping they will help me keep my place with lace work.(I can dream, can't I?) Foster Old Home Days is coming up, the last full weekend in July, 29,30,31. If you have entries, they should be in on Friday evening after 4:30 so they can be judged early Saturday morning. If you have any time over that weekend and would like to demonstrate your craft for others please come by and join us Friday aft 4:30, Sat 10-9, and Sunday 12-4. We would love to have you demonstrate your craft of spinning, knitting, weaving, hooking(rug), quilting, crochet........ su

Saturday, July 09, 2005

fiber thoughts

Tuesday's knit in was inspirational. Judy's ripple socks are beautiful as is her scarf from Scarf Style. The knitting is well done and the hand dyed silk is a marvel! Add to that Patty's smiling presence and projects from Paula, Cindy, and Marie and the evening was off to a great start. Imagine our elation when we were blessed with a visit from Carol R and Debbie. Both of them were working on quilted projects. I was so in love with their stuff that I am planning to get together with them regularly for a quilting jam. There, I've said it and there's no going back!!! Yes another textile form!! Yes I want to learn hand piecing and these two fine artists are just the ones to teach me!!!!. Carol R, are you sputtering?

On the needles.... Easy lace poncho (and they aren't kidding) in my hand dyed wool/nylon in colonial red. Since the neck of this piece was sooooo wide, I started with #2s instead of the suggested #5s . That seemed to help some and I like the texture I'm getting. Other projects are the red opal speckles in spiral rib stitch on #0 , and the trekking red, pink, blue rings in a feather and fan pattern. These surprised me by looking so big when I started and then needing to be up-sized to get over the heels..... I started with 72 sts on #0 and went up to the same # of sts on #2. The leg fits well but bags out a bit at the top of the heel flap. I am continuing the instep in pattern on #2 but doing the sole on #0 in stockinette. No walking on purl bumps for these tootsies!
Also, congratulations to Marlene....YEAH!!!! She has finished all the pieces of her first sweater in her handspun yarn and it is going to be beautiful. She began sewing it together today under the watchful eyes of myself and Carrie Mac and she is under strict orders to be wearing it next week WITH her fuzzy feet slippers. Speaking of Carrie Mac, she brought in the most wonderful baby quilt (hand quilted!) and tee shirt quilt today. Perfect as usual. I'm inspired to make one for the musician in my family with some of those old- school rock tees.
That's all for today except to say Hello and blessings to you MaryAnn! su