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Saturday, June 25, 2005

hand dyed yarns for sale

Here is a light weight wool with a nylon wrap done is a kelly green, a great plum and a mixed colonial red . All are for sale . contact me at
Sunset is my first photo upload!!!

Friday, June 24, 2005

turtle love and socks

Let's start with an alert today. Love is in the air, at least if you are a turtle in Rhode Island so please be careful as you roll along our highways and byways. Our turtle friends are criss-crossing to lay their eggs and head back to the water and, as we know, they're none too quick about it!
Now for knitting news. My feather and fan socks are frogged to nonexistence. Seems the lace is much smaller than stockinette or ribbing and didn't fit over my heel. Boo Hoo for me. I think I'll work on the sweater for Fran instead and ponder my next sock a bit more. Also looking for a pattern to do for my granddaughter (I just love the sound of that) for this fall and winter. Of course now that I've seen Cindy's drop stitch tee I'm leaning that way too.......
One of the lists had a contest for colorway suggestions and though I wasn't able to access their site properly so couldn't enter the contest, it did whet my appetite for dyeing and I think I'll do some today.
Also, I'm determined to finish a lace project if it kills me!!!! I think the trick is to only do that when I have time alone to concentrate in a relaxed way. I may fix a spot on the front porch where I can watch my hummingbird pals and knit in peace. Wishing you peaceful knitting... su

Thursday, June 16, 2005

of flowers and foldings...........

What a treat I had. I toured a lovely garden belonging to a most interesting friend on Tuesday evening. Being Latin impaired, I can not name the lovelies I saw , but they were charming. It also doesn't hurt that the green thumbed wonder leading the way is one of my favorite people. Of course, the tour made me late for knitting night which is doubly sad since I host knitting night at MY shop. There waited Paula and Marie with smiling faces showing no signs impatience. If I ever find out how to link to things, the first will be some of Paula's knitting. You must see the pattern work this woman does, much of it her own design. It was good to see Judy and Patty as well as Cindy,Paula,Marie and Barbara. Speaking of Barbara......-that no good, enabling,*&%#$...., er um, I mean that dear woman introduced me to iris paper folding! (just an aside, I did successfully avoid the class so this would not happen) I was up into the wee hours fashioning two cards from origami paper I had and proceeded to spend much of the day looking for and printing patterns for other iris folding projects. My plan for tonight is to hunt down more paper and ... Well you know the rest. Dang! She seemed so innocent with her just completed lace poncho, her new trekker sock yarn and that great smile. You never can tell. (all kidding aside, I loved the pear she did in iris work. wonderful shades of green)
I have so many projects in the works... several socks, (one euthanized due to lack of co- operation) , garter stitch prayer shawl, navy sweater for Fran, as well as dyeing plans and a sweater for myself,and that doesn't even include spinning, painting, or sewing,or hooking. Does anyone else think they should limit themselves to one or two disciplines? I guess that's today's question. Are you one who wants to try everything at least once or are you able to keep within a single field of endeavor? su

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Ok. It's official. I am sooooo done with this weather. It's already way too hot and way to sticky for me to even be civil. Beware!

My knitting has consisted of a 3 sample experiment of short rows. I took it with me for a knitting group I do and we managed to lose one of the samples (Japanese short row) within the first 5 minutes of the meeting.( I still think Lois is hogging it!) Also am trying to remember how to start two socks on two circular needles, I know I used to know how, just can't remember where I stored that info.
I can't wait to see everyone tonight at our Tuesday knit-in. I'm so nosy about everyone's projects and books and I love to hear the sound of our talk and laughter as well as the clicking of our needles. ( oh, alright, the clicking IS sometimes from dropping the needles, not just knitting with them. Fingers over 20 sometimes do odd things.) su who has a question.... To those of you who do charity knitting, do you prefer to donate on a global level, in your own community, or in the US?

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