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Monday, May 30, 2005

Now that my eyes have adjusted to the light I think I'll dye today. Since it appears that Mother Nature plans to cooperate it's the least I can do! Did anyone make it to Comington ? I'd love to hear what you were blessed with. My latest inspiration has been from the spin-in on Saturday where Cindy was working on some beautiful black and white fiber(type escapes me as usual) and Paula had that Merlin Tree MOVING. Paula's daughter Daphne however made her Mom look like she was standin' still when she got her feet on the treadles. Miss Daphne tried her hand at several forms of fiber play including spinning, crochet, and pooch petting. Carrie showed some beautiful quilting as well as some spindle spinning that really got me in the mood for both again. Jeez, some enablers just go too far!
I must mention that I went to visit my mentor, Faith Wight last weekend. I made the trek with Muriel and Sandy, both of whom also learned with Faith and have missed her since her move. We found both Faith and Everett in good health and good spirits. We lunched and laughed and cried some then got down to the business of fiber gossip. Have you seen this.... Did you try that..... Is this your own design....How did you?.....Since Faith is the most talented spinner, weaver, knitter I know the questions and answers flowed one way more than the other {:>).
Our loss is CT's gain as she settles into the fiber community there at local yarn shop and teaching center. It was a visit I hope to repeat soon so if you've a mind to, contact me and come along. su, who has a question. Do you know why you knit?

Monday, May 23, 2005

bigshot colorist at work........

I'd like to start by announcing a long awaited FO. Our last kid is finished with college!!!! I know it's true because I attended the event myself and heard the official proclaim it to be so.(Pause here for deafening rendition of hallelujah Chorus) Life is good. To soothe my anxiety the night before, I hit the dye pots late in the evening. I was so pleased with my inventiveness. Wasn't I talented in the color choices I made! After drying the skeins overnight on the porch, I brought them in and hung them next to the dress I had readied for the big event. Color me humble when I realized that the artistic color way I had INVENTED happened to match, EXACTLY, the dress I had prepared. No wonder I liked it so well! Will I never learn.......

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

If I do say so myself....

I love Tuesday night knit ins. Cindy and Judy had returned from NHSW with new ideas and stories and Judy and Barbara had attended MSW, also returning with stuff and such. Everyone's project makes me think Ohhhh, I'd like to make that. Barbara and Paula each were working on great hats and Judy showed us, in person, the leaf lace shawl that is knitted with her hand dyed and hand beaded yarn in green,blues and yellows of spring. Did I mention 900 hand applied beads? Cindy is working on a secret-ish project so I will only say Oh-My-Gosh! How is it possible that CNN doesn't hound us for the secret of our excellence? As for myself, I am using red opal prisma in a puffy spiral pattern that I like quite well. I enjoy the conversation and idea exchange as much as the knitting. We discussed mulesing practices abroad as well as some other husbandry issues, where the best spot to add new yarn on a lacy piece was and how best to join the slinky ends, and which far away fairs and shows we'd attend if we could. And a heads up, we discussed a ufo Saturday and a group pi-r- square shawl so if any of that appeals to you- get in touch. Lastly, to those we are missing (and you know who you are) come out and play. Patty, come in from that garden. Carol R, get in the car, and quilt instead of knitting( sung to the tune of sticks and stones). Gail, don't make me come and get you....... su

Saturday, May 14, 2005

blog gap

How time flies, having fun or not!! I've been to the dye pots a bit and am working still with the silk yarn. I wish I were going to the NHSW with all my knit buds, but I am spending a little time with my new granddaughter today. Always a reasonable trade. I have red Opal Prisma on the needles here at the store and gray thin stripes on the needles at home. I'm working on a navy sweater for a client and am considering projects for my mohair and silk. I don't know how much I'll accomplish in the knitting dept. today as our skacel order arrived as well as the new Opal with the petticoat yarn. A reminder that we now carry Interweave Knits, Spin-Off , and Wild Fibers is on it's way. Hope to see you all on Tuesday with your goodies from both fairs. su

Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Ahhhhh. Silk

What is it about silk? Next to the skin it is soooo luxurious. At the dye pot it performs so beautifully that you can only keep dying in a frenzy of new and different colors. I'm never satiated when dying silks and silk blends, each batch urges me toward the next. I've been at the purples and greens today and am quite delighted with the results. Kind of makes you feel like an underachiever though when you think how clever those little worms are with their butts!
On the knitting front, I have Prisma socks going in the red colorway I just stocked. I am also finishing some ringed stripe on a gray background. My new non-sock project is the branching out scarf in kid mohair/silk out of my peach and rust colorway. Whether the mohair turns lace knitting into a piece of cake or a case of pique remains to be seen.