Neknitsleafbutton_1 RIHandspun: April 2005


Saturday, April 30, 2005

quiet spin-in

Ahhhhh. Spent a comforting day spinning and knitting with friends. Am much recovered from reading The Kite Runner. Listening to Celtic and folk music, rain pounding at times. I can't believe I have started another pair of socks. This time the new opal Prisma in red. I had to though, I found a new pattern to try. Finally, some spinning time. I haven't spent nearly as much time spinning as I would like to. This time a fine ramboulet cross for the Gunnister Man's Bag. Just wonderful. Hope all of you have had a great day too. That's all (enough) for now. Did anyone make it to Tolland, Ct. today? su

Thursday, April 28, 2005

all knit together

I love the people in my pond!! Here at Rhode Island Handspun, Tuesday evening was spiced with some of our regular(and I use the term loosely) knitters. As I looked around the room, I knew a shepherdess, a former school teacher, a mom/fiber seller/musician, our plant grower and entrepreneur, some who defy vocational definition, and my self, yarn/fiber shop owner, oil seller, and lover of pups. I am awed by the way our diversity brings an inspirational spirit to our meetings. Our differences manifest in the projects we choose, the colors of our yarn. Each finds wings in the other's work. We don't work to make each like ourselves. We truly enjoy the otherness of our circle's components. It complete us as fiber enthusiasts and fuels our desire to do more. On Wednesday evening when we were rug hookers and shawl weavers the atmosphere was one of discovery and exchange. As our weavers were inspired by the texture of the rugs, our hookers were eyeing color choices the weavers had made. We have tackled everything from the untangle-a-thon caused by a nosy beagle, to computer chaos caused by really un-computer-ated operator. Each difference shone as an asset, a capability that was just right for the task at hand. Leadership and underling positions changing liquidly as the situation called for it. If only we could rule the world.........

Monday, April 25, 2005

Testing the waters......

SPLASH!!! I've landed in the blog pond and am nearly speechless on arrival. Thanks to my friend Cindy, of CindyKnits fame, and the inspiration of my other blogging friends, I am on for the first time. I hope to share some of my knitting and spinning experiences with others as well as snippets of things that make me go hmmmmmm. That's all for now, I have yarn in the dye pots that requires my attention right now. Hope that's not an echo I hear... sue dinola, Rhode Island Handspun